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Manufacturing and production

Dinner Lady, an award-winning stockist of premium quality e-liquids available from the UK making this one of the most popular vape brands here in Britain. The Dinner Ladies constant and consistent research includes using the latest up to date market data and consumer trends. Ensuring they continue to stay top of their game in the production of their quality vape e-liquids, devices, accessories and their range of CBD manufactured goods. We @ Choicy choose to stock these products due to their in-depth research and many of the following outstanding points in order to bring to you the choicest selections possible.

Starting out in 2016 Dinner Lady introduced the now iconic, Lemon Tart e-liquid, a vaping flavour known across the world and clearly still one of the most popular flavour combinations to date. Making their entry to the vaping world a clear winner and an ongoing course that many, here at home and across the seas, have chosen to continue to follow ever since.

Their full, and ever-growing, product ranges include Desserts, Fruits, Ice, Menthol, Sweets and Tobacco flavours available in a vast range of both sizes and strength formulations to suit any and every vaper. Knowing the choice to vape not only great quality goods, and using not only the highest quality ingredients but also having their in-house manufacturing capabilities and global distribution located together, means they can provide strict quality control alongside both speedy, reliable and well organised, multi-channel distribution for us to then pass their fantastic exceptional products onto you with ease. Their 4 production lines can produce in excess of 5.5 million bottles of e-liquids in just a month, to give you an idea of their many capabilities, so from us to you there should be no need for any hold-ups. This, I’m sure you will agree, means that we can offer to you from concept to consumption, products of the highest quality that we are positive you will be pleased with.

The most exciting range of flavours nostalgic and authentic 

The Dinner Lady manufacturing began with a small range of dessert flavours back in 2016. Today their ranges include Menthol, Desserts, Fruits, Sweets, Tobacco and Icy flavours, all of which have been handcrafted and their fine-tuned flavours continue to be developed by their flavour artisans.

This vast range means there is a flavour combination available for any given time or event.

The choices and possibilities are endless!

The Menthol range, as an example, is one of their newer productions. This is already offering such tastes as Blue Menthol, Cherry Menthol and Fresh Menthol of which I’m sure you will all agree sound like they’ll hit the spot perfectly. There is something to be said for the Dinner Lady choice of named flavours, they all definitely do what they say on the tin! Extremely cooling and fresh to the taste - and this is just one of the smaller ranges available portraying to you any choices you may make we firmly believe they will satisfy your cravings.

The best known and popular flavour is Lemon tart. This flavour since its debut in 2016 has won multiple awards, including “Best Dessert Flavour” 4 years in a row. We are sure this valiant effort will be sure to continue wowing users to this very day and beyond!

Their choice of flavours …... 

With the name Dinner Lady already taking you for a trip down memory lane, you will surely agree with their choice of flavours whether nostalgic or authentic, we can offer to you a flavour for any occasion. Whether it’s Dessert inspired premium vape juices you’re after, or a fresh Lemon iced tea after a long day at the office, a cheeky treat from the Tuck shop range or indeed a refreshing icy vape on a hot sunny afternoon we firmly believe you can find exactly what you’re looking for in this delectable range of flavours. 

With award winning e-liquid bundles, or vape starter kits, refillable pod mod devices, box mod devices, pen devices, coils batteries or tanks then Dinner Lady has all you will need on your trip to safer, healthier and an extremely enjoyable experience of flavourful vaping!

 E-Liquid ranges and what is an e-liquid?

The Dinner Lady brand, as well as offering delicious flavours and taste experiences, can also, through their vast marketing and product research offer to you the following e-liquid ranges.

The four components that go into an e-liquid are as follows: Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) along with food flavourings (to bring to you the fantastic, realistic, authentic or shall we say nostalgic!? flavours)  and the vital part … nicotine. 

50:50 e-liquid

Lots of 50:50 liquids are offered by Dinner Lady to provide users with an award-winning range of flavours, coming in a range of size 10ml bottles, best suited for both vape pens and pod kits and are available in strengths of 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg providing vapers with a flexible way to enjoy your favourite flavours across a range of different strengths and devices, making the perfect vape an experience to treasure!

The 50:50 means it has 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerine along with food flavourings and nicotine. The 50% ratio’s give a balance of flavour delivery and the required throat hit and cloud-like vapour production (as chosen by the consumer via the strengths on offer). This 50:50 range gives a gentle inhalation hit followed by the rich flavour profiles and are the most popular e-liquids on the market to date. They are compatible with a wide range of devices including coils and are often said to be the perfect selection for those starting out transferring from traditional cigarettes. Available in all flavour combinations from the Dinner Lady ranges.

Shortfill 30:70 e-liquids

Following the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive of 2016 all e-liquids containing nicotine can only be sold in maximum sizes of 10ml. In order for Dinner Lady to continue to provide vapers with the best quality goods and experiences along with continuing to provide value for money, this is where this range of Shortfill liquids emerged from.

The e-liquids, which can be referred to as cloud-chasing juices, combine 70% VG and 30% PG to produce denser clouds and indeed richer flavours. These bottles which come in sizes of 60ml contain 50ml nicotine-free liquids allowing vapers to add either a CBD or nicotine shot to create a complete satisfactory vape experience for the individual user, smart hey!? .. this means they can last longer hence the shortfill and be of the exact flavour to strength combo you choose!

Bigger bottles available for a longer-lasting e-liquid, which can last up to a few weeks depending on your choice of usage which again means more cost-effective and we say, a more satisfactory vape experience! 

Nic Salts

Generally speaking, the Nicotine Salts range are still a 50:50 e-liquid, what makes them the “next-generation e-liquid” is that the nicotine is sourced from a naturally occurring salt found within tobacco leaves, hence the name “salts” added to this range, when the 50:50 contains freebase nicotine.

The Dinner Lady Nic Salts range is designed to provide a quicker and stronger nicotine hit to the user. Meaning this range is better suited to the heavier smokers among you. The Dinner Lady range in the nic salts is almost as vast as the 50:50 range so you shouldn’t have to change anything about your experience other than wanting a stronger quicker hit and transferring to this Nic Salts range from the original 50:50 e-liquid. The difference here is also the availability in both the 10mg and 20mg strengths. This e-liquid can still be used in traditional pens and pods.

Dinner Lady Awards … 40 and counting!

The Dinner Lady brand is constantly winning or being within the top 3 positions in multiple awards. Winning over 40 awards to date, which in turn has meant that this brand, known in over 96 countries, is clearly a name to be reckoned with and has a loyal fan base spanning the world. We suspect that this is one of the most awarded e-liquids brands, at least in the UK, something we would like to spend some time researching on a future date. 

We would like to mention some of the key awards won by this brand, which will help you to have a clearer picture of the Dinner Lady achievements in vaping. Many awards are won in EcigClick, (2020 was their 8th annual awards)  where capable winners are selected and voted for by you the vapers, the 2020 ceremony was voted by over 156,000 votes to show you how seriously this is taken and what could be a fairer competition? 

These awards include the following:
2020 ecigClick: Nic Salt: The best brand

2020 ecigClick CBD: Best Brand

2020 ecigClick E-liquid: Best Dessert

2019 ecigClick E-liquid: Best Dessert

2018 Vape Jam Best Dessert

2017 ecigClick Best UK Brand

Other awards the Dinner Lady brand has gained have come from VaperExpo, held here in the UK at the Birmingham NEC, NVE National Vape Expo held in the United States with we are sure many, many more on the coming horizon!

Like we say, with many more valiantly earned awards yet to come, we predict!

Dinner Lady is Constantly Innovating and reinventing

Dinner Lady is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the UK, in its own way. They chose to be the most delicious brand to vape, with a hint of nostalgia added to their unique mix. 

While other companies are looking for new chemical formulas, Dinner Lady is throwing lots of resources into the development of new, yet old flavours, like the famous Lemon Tart as an example. With their premium idea being the supply of exceptional quality e-liquids, rich in aroma and reminiscent of times gone by, aiding smokers to choose vaping as an alternative right across the world. You can only imagine how many different variations are being made to get one flavour right. Then adopting that flavour to different types of vaping, whether it’s traditional e-liquid, nicotine salts, liquid in disposable pod devices or ultimately, CBD. When you have such a big brand name, you have to get your flavours right every time. And we are glad to say that Dinner Lady does just this. Their continued flavour profiles are growing rapidly and their experiments with different strength ratios, we believe, surely shows that the customer and their needs are at the forefront of everything the Dinner Lady brand does.

This is again why we are pleased to offer this brand directly to you via our Choicy site. Quality products and customer satisfaction is a must for us.

The Dinner Lady brand, based in Blackburn, Lancashire in the North of England, is involved in the government's scheme to help kickstart youth employment offering careers for young people, they have to date, welcomed 15 new staff into their company. As well as signing in May 2021 its latest deal with global forecourt giants EG Group as the first major national supplier of its new disposable vape pen e-cigarette (operating in more than 6000 sites across the UK, Europe, USA and Australia). 

New Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen e-cigarette

The new Dinner Lady disposable Vape Pen e-cigarette is one of the latest additions to their vast range of quality products we can offer to you. It is the only available vape pen to be pre-filled with Dinner Lady e-liquid. Each disposable pen is the equivalent of 20 cigarettes. It’s available in individual packets or in packets of 3.  It was designed as a key product for the choice of both experienced vapers and adult smokers wishing to transfer from smoking traditional cigarettes. Again, hundreds of hours of consumer research development and indeed consumer feedback has gone into providing you with yet another fantastic product from the Dinner Lady range.

Dinner Lady CBD Range

The Dinner Lady CBD range is a spectrum of “boost” liquids coming in both mint tobacco flavoured and flavourless e-liquids containing CBD in a variety of strengths. The range has been rigorously assessed and expertly produced to ensure both highest quality control measures ensuring the purity and dosage are both accurate and adhere to safety guidelines. Also using the best ingredients possible and that the correct legal certificates are certified for UK usage. The Dinner Lady’s CBD e-liquid formula uses the 50:50 based composition and is available in both the 10ml and 30ml sizes. Usable in either pods or pens.

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Dinner Lady Smooth Tobacco 10ml E-liquid

Think rich, woody tobacco leaves, with earthy undertones this flavour is so closely replicated and professionally produced by artisans at the Dinner Ladies with the smooth exhale experience you will surely agree this closely replicates any traditional tobacco product. Smooth tobacco 50% VG e-liquid from the Dinner Lady range made here in the UK. A tasty yet smooth example from the ever-expanding “Tobacco” range. This one is definitely one to be tried for everyone who likes tobacco flavours.  

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart 10ml E-liquid

This is, as you’ll surely be aware, one of the most popular desserts of all time - find any restaurant in the country and we are sure this will be on their menu. And this Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady is at the to of all lemon tart e-liquids in the world. Award-winning flavour profile from the Dinner Ladies range this is a bold flavour combination for sure.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Macaroon 10ml E-liquid

Part of the layered dessert range expertly produced by the Dinner Lady artisans, this flavour combination brings to you from the far east hints of deliciously nutty coconut meringue followed by sweet strawberry tones and a fresh crunchy almond crust.

Dinner Lady Strawberry 10ml E-liquid

Think of your favourite summer fruits and no doubt sun-ripened, sweet-smelling strawberries are up there not far from the top of the list. This full flavour is perfect for those just starting out on your vaping experience, making this one of the “greats” for an all-day vape.

Dinner Lady Watermelon Slices 10ml E-liquid

A fantastic, fresh and fruity example of fresh fruity e-liquid: Watermelon Slices. This is one of the best attempts to mimic a complicated flavour of watermelons.

Dinner Lady Strawberry Ice 10ml E-liquid

Think of sweet, flavoursome, sun-ripened, freshly picked strawberries mixed with a fresh, cool, tangy lemon juice and you will have yourself a smooth yet zesty, fresh fruity concoction suitable for any vaping occasion. This fantastic flavour combo from the Dinner Ladies Fizzy drinks range is sure to satisfy any fruity need giving the perfect mix of fruity, fun and fresh!

Dinner Lady Mint Tobacco 10ml E-liquid

Mint tobacco is a fantastic example of their expertly produced “Tobacco” range. A contrasting blend of rich woody tobacco with cool notes of minty undertones. 50% VG 10ml e-liquid made here in the UK.

Dinner Lady Mango Ice 10ml E-liquid

Mango Ice is a fantastic, refreshing, exotic and cooling flavour from the “Ice” e-liquids range.
  • Bottle size: 10ml
  • Nicotine strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • 50% VG, 50% PG

Dinner Lady Lemon Sherbets 10ml E-liquid

Lemon sherbert 50% VG 10ml e-liquid from ever-growing in popularity Dinner Lady range of “Sweet” flavours made here in the UK.

Dinner Lady Caramel Tobacco 10ml E-liquid

Mixing rich with creamy this distinctive flavour profile consists of a variety of rich aromatic tobacco leaves with a dark sumptuous caramel twist alongside notes of vanilla cream with a hint of honey.
  • Nicotine strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • 50% VG, 50% PG

Dinner Lady Bubble Gum 10ml E-liquid

Bubble Gum flavour is a strawberry-banana-cherry punch type of flavour offering a combination of fruits enough to excite any taste buds!
  • Bottle size: 10ml
  • Nicotine strengths: 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
  • 50% VG, 50% PG

Dinner Lady Nic Salt Watermelon Slices 10ml E-liquid

Watermelon Slices fruity, the exciting flavour is one of the most beloved smooth tastes from the Dinner Lady sweets range, made here in the UK. Influenced from the Pick n Mix sweets available on every high street. Originally this flavour came from the Tuck Shop range.