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One of the exciting ways people are experiencing CBD is through CBD e-liquids. We stock both, broad-spectrum and isolate CBD e-liquids. All CBD vape juices contain 0% of THC.

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Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquid Menthol 10ml

Fresh menthol flavoured CBD isolate e-liquid will gently tickle your taste buds. Guaranteed 0% of THC and 99% purity of CBD in the isolate used to manufacture this e-liquid makes it an attractive proposition when compared to CBD vape liquids by the competing brands.

Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquid Passionfruit Pear 10ml

Delicious passionfruit pear flavour CBD vape e-liquid in 10ml bottle and 125mg CBD inside.

Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquid Papaya Peach 10ml

Papaya Peach Vitality CBD Isolate e-Liquid packs a delicious tropical punch with 125mg of CBD inside.

Vitality CBD Isolate e-liquid Grape Blackcurrant Aniseed 10ml

The Vitality CBD Isolate e-liquid with grape, blackcurrant, and aniseed flavours inside will be sure to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your daily CBD requirements.

Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquid Elderflower Orange Lime 10ml

Tasty elderflower, orange and lime flavours blend in 10ml bottle and 125mg of CBD isolate by Vitality CBD. A high-quality yet affordable CBD product for everyone looking to try CBD.

Vitality CBD Isolate E-liquid Honeydew Raspberry Orange 10ml

Vitality CBD has created a range of exciting CBD Isolate e-liquids. This honeydew, raspberry and orange flavour is one of the freshest and unique flavour blends available in the market today. You will get 125mg of CBD in each 10ml bottle at a very affordable price.

Vitality CBD Broad spectrum e-liquid Natural 30ml

The Vitality range of CBD broad spectrum e-liquid is a simple and easy way to use CBD. This natural flavour has a pleasant earthy taste. Available in three strengths and comes in a 30ml glass bottle.

Vitality CBD Broad Spectrum E-liquid Lemon 30ml

This is the most popular flavour in the Vitality CBD e-liquids range. Available in 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg.

Vitality CBD Broad Spectrum E-liquid Berry 30ml

Available in three convenient strengths. You can choose from 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg e-liquids.